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Being named personal representative or executor of a friend or family member’s will is a serious legal responsibility. A mistake during probate can lead to delays, squandered estate assets and even costly litigation. With 24 offices throughout the state, the attorneys at Pennington Law handle every facet of the Arizona probate process for in-state clients as well as personal representatives from other locations who are settling an estate here. Our seasoned attorneys offer efficient guidance and can help you avoid unnecessary problems.

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One of our attorneys will assess which type of probate process best suits your circumstances. We assist with filing the will and bringing the decedent’s property into the estate while explaining which assets are transferred outside the probate system. You can count on us to help with inventory, expenses and any required communications with the court. Once estate debts are satisfied and other issues are settled, our firm facilitates the distribution of property to the heirs named in the will.

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